Best Wooden Bed Frames Review

1. Barcelona Platform Bed, Charles P. Rogers, $ 1,579- $ 1,999
Max & Lily Solid Wood Full-Size Bed with Trundle Bed
My partner found this bed in Dwell magazine. We were shocked at how difficult these two beds were. At that time, the queen-size model was sold around $ 1,000, so please watch the deal. Ultimately, we would not fit it in our bedroom or budget, but someday maybe ... someday ... Solid mahogany handicrafts have two headboards and a sofa bed, It is impressive. fancy.

2. Portland platform bed, Wayfair, $ 734.99- $ 947.99
Portland has a little style of intimacy with Barcelona above, but is a bit less wild. It has been reviewed by three stars, with a one-year warranty, and is made of solid acacia known as "natural protective qualities". I think this means protecting you from monsters.

3. Grandview platform bed, full + modern, $ 919.99- $ 1,267.99

Grandview is all elegance. And to see it now wonder why we did not buy it (other than the price). It is built of solid government birch and is decorated with various dyes by hand. Unfortunately there is only one of six options.

4. Mid-Century Bed, West Elm, $ 799- $ 1,199

If you like honey wood and extra little shaker style, this bed is the bed for you. Built with an acacia veneer, "FSC® Certified Eucalyptus Wooden Frame", this bed looks like a dreamy, organic contemporary decor.

5. Emmerson Play Wood Platform Bed, West Elm, $ 1,299- $ 1,599
West Elm deals with landfills that are always popular and environmentally friendly. It is made of "FSC® certified solid redevelopment pine" and maintains a rugged, almost rustic look without a little bit.

6. Alana Platform Bed, Charles P. Rogers, $ 899- $ 1,159

Of all the thousands of platform beds I have seen, this was ideal. I worship goodness. And the rate is perfect. But I could not get on board with the tiger mahogany finish. I am sure the solid wood is breathtaking. But "many colors of orange, red and brown" are the exact opposite of what I am looking for at the end of the wood.

7. Drommen Bed, CB2, $ 799- $ 999

I love this bed despite my fears of a headboard that has a top. Drommen is made of solid acacia wood and poly-linen, and receives an average of 4.9 stars from 50 highly satisfied customers, saying, "The finished bag may float in the yarn." For example: "My husband and I bought this bed almost a year ago and am glad to report that we love it more every day. CB2 is the only way to sell it at an affordable price - visible / visible headboard piece angle Is very comfortable and the overall design is clean and modern and is very good. "

8. Dodu platform bed, blue dot, $ 1,399- $ 1,799

Dodu definitely has the largest platform with room to store bedside accessories on the extended side. I will worry about the scratched gods, but everything is padded and covered. The French are characterized by a crisp French seam "because they know the bed" and are coated with graphite polyester, wheat / poly blend or aqua (eg aqua!) Wool / poly blend.

9. Abbyson Living Lombard Tufted linen bed, subject, $ 449.99- $ 699.99

This bed has only one review, but it is a rave. "The quality is very good and it was as good as I saw at the furniture store ... Would you recommend it?" Thanks to Target for purchasing a luxurious bed, such as linen, tufts and hardwood frames, at a relatively low cost. Best Wooden Bed Frames Review